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Welcome to the State of Idaho's Online Conservator and Guardian Training Program.
    Note: This course is not mobile compatible, please review the course on a reasonably current PC or Mac. The course also should be reviewed in current versions of Internet Explorer, Edge, or Chrome.

    This program addresses three major goals.

    • Educate individuals petitioning to be a Conservator and/or Guardian about their responsibilities in caring for another person.
    • Provide information about Idaho's laws in protecting the rights of those cared for and how to comply with those laws.
    • Establish a system and process by which members of Idaho's state government and affiliates can protect and serve its citizens.

    When you petitioned to be a Conservator or Guardian, you received a printed order from your issuing court.  Please have that order available when registering for the course.

    To register, click on the Login/Register button in the upper right-hand area of this page.  (To "click" on an item, move your computer mouse pointer over the item and depress the upper left-hand button on the mouse.  This "Click" action to select items will be used throughout the training program).  If you are petitioning to be a co-conservator or co-guardian, each person must create and take the course(s) separately.  Upon successful completion of the course(s), each co-conservator or co-guardian will receive a certificate issued in their name.

    When you have selected the Login-Register button, the form will open.

    1. Click on tab to Create a New Account.
    2. Fill in your name exactly as it appears on your order.
    3. Enter your email address.  You must have an email address to register.  If you do not have one, gmail or outlook.com are both free alternatives.  If you are petitioning to be a co-conservator or co-guardian with another person, each individual must have a separate email account.
    4. Enter a password.  This password does not come from the court; it is a password that you create.  (Please keep a record of the password in a safe place, you will need it later in the registration process and for future reference).
    5. "Click" on the course name referenced in your order.  If you are taking more than one course, hold down the CTRL button at the lower left-hand corner of your keyboard and at the same time "click" on all the courses named in your order.
    6. Fill in your Case Number found on your order.
    7. Fill in your Petitioner Receipt Number if you are taking the course for a specific case and are requesting a Certificate of Completion.  (The Petitioner Receipt Number is provided when you pay the required fee to the court.)
    8. Enter the county where the case is filed.  Be careful to check the correct county.  Idaho County is an option but should not be choosen unless the case has been filed in Idaho County.  To see all counties, "click" on the down arrow and a list of counties will appear for selection.

    Once you have filled in all the information, click on the 'Create New Account' button.  Click on the log in button and provide the email address you entered and the password you created during the registration process.  Your training course will open with its name appearing in the left-hand column.  An orientation video of how to use the online program can be viewed by clicking on the words below. 

                                 "Click Here" to View: Course Orientation Video

    If you need assistance in registering for the course, please contact your issuing court.  If help from your issuing court is not available, please call the Idaho Supreme Court at 208.947.7452 and ask for assistance with the "Online Guardian or Conservator Training Program."

    When you are ready to start your training program, click on either the word, Conservatorship or Guardianship, in the upper left column and that training program will begin.

    Once you have successfully completed your training, a Certificate of Completion will automatically be emailed to you and to the court of the county you marked when you registered (where the case is filed).  If you do not receive a certificate automatically upon successful completion, please notify Jana Filer at jfiler@idcourts.net

    Completing either or both of these courses is just one step towards becoming a guardian and/or conservator.  Receiving a certificate does not authorize you to act as a Conservator or Guardian; only the courts can give you the authority to become and act as a Guardian and/or Conservator.


    Thank you for participating in this important program and for supporting the welfare of Idaho's citizens!